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CRYOVAC® Brand Barrier Shrink Bags for Cheese

CRYOVAC® Brand Barrier Shrink Bags for Cheese

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Our CRYOVAC® brand barrier bags protect cheese from oxygen, moisture, and environmental elements to maintain food quality and safety across the supply chain. Engineered to protect against physical, chemical, or microbiological spoilage, these high-performance bags set the industry standard for cheese packaging. 

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Features & Benefits

  • Available in an assortment of sizes
  • Improve product performance throughout distribution due to high abuse resistance properties
  • Construction and gauge has been optimized for abuse applications
  • Extend shelf-life and ensure products remain of the highest quality from processor to consumer
  • Increase visual appeal with excellent shrink properties and superior optics for enhanced gloss, sheen and clarity that can highlight the natural color and texture of the product


Hard, Semi-hard, and/or non-gassing cheeses

Applicable Equipment

Compatible with a wide variety of heat-sealing vacuum packaging systems

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