5 Small Business Packaging Solutions

5 Small Business Packaging Solutions

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There are many ways to pack an item for shipment. But whether you run a home-based business, an e-commerce startup or are outgrowing your warehouse, our innovative packaging solutions make your shipping operations more efficient, more consistent and more convenient.

As a global leader in protective packaging materials, we understand the changing dynamics of e-commerce — our solutions help your products fly through the shipping cycle with ease. But how do you know which solution is right for your products?

What if, for instance, you ran an online shop called The Owlery*, selling owl trinkets of all shapes and sizes? Here’s a look at how our solutions help each owl make a soft landing on customers’ doorsteps — and why you might want to get your talons on them.

Jiffylite® Mailers

Tuck small, semi-fragile or low-profile items — such as a plush owl — into one of our laminated paper mailers. With an internal layer of Bubble Wrap® for outstanding shipping protection, you won’t lose a single tuft. And, our Jiffylite mailers are water-resistant so your fuzzy little guy won’t get waterlogged.

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Bubble Wrap® Inflator Nano

Need a little cushioning? Skip the packing peanuts and make your own Bubble Wrap® instead. Our inflator fits in any size work space, allowing you to make as much or as little inflated cushioning as you need it. It creates the perfect nest to prevent damage of breakable items and provides a protective, secure fit.

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Instapak Quick®

Birds of a feather may flock together, but when your raptor needs a custom fit, look to Instapak Quick® for heavy-duty cushioning and light blocking and bracing. This on-demand, in-the-bag foam expands up to 27 times its original size, securing your product — or plumage — in just seconds.

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Showcase your product with Korrvu® packaging, which suspends items between two layers of highly resilient low-slip film, protecting them from shock and vibration during shipment. This owl lamp is safe and sound, ready to perform its nocturnal duties from the moment it lands on your customer’s doorstep. 

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