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NewAir I.B.® Nano



1/4" Bubble Height Film (16" x 1500") / 1 Count

Part no. 100985684

Base Unit 28"x17"x9"1 Count
1/4" Bubble Height Film 16" x 1500"1 Count
1/2" Bubble Height Film 16" x 1500"1 Count

Part no. 100985684



NewAir I.B.® Nano is a low-cost inflation system that uses Bubble Wrap® IB; a flexible, protective air-cellular solution that can be inflated on-demand in whatever quantity is required.

Ideal for small businesses looking to move away from traditional pre-inflated cushioning materials and foam packing peanuts.

It saves space, time and money.

NewAir I.B.® Nano equipment and film for business use ONLY. **Must purchase equipment to run Nano film rolls. Sealed Air Nano film rolls will not run on non Sealed Air equipment.


  • • Inflate on demand: Only inflate and use what is needed.
  • • Maintenance-free: Replenish the film and go.
  • • Easy to use: An intuitive touch panel provides start and stop buttons.
  • • Compact unit: Minimize the space needed for a shipping station and storage.
  • • Inflates 11 feet per minute.
  • • All film rolls are 1500 ft. in length.

How do I use this Packaging Solution?

  1. Add Bubble Wrap® IB to the mandrel, which can then be loaded onto the system.
  2. Open clamp at front, feed film through and connect to the inflator (making sure film is taught), and close the clamp.
  3. Choose your desired output length (minimum length of 48" to Continuous ∞), bubble size and temperature adjustment settings.
  4. Press 'Start Key' to begin.  If on Continuous Output Length ∞, press 'Stop Key' to pause. The system will automatically stop after 60 minutes.
  5. Once inflated, perforate material to be used in cushioning applications.


What is the construction of the film material and will it provide cushioning protection?
The inflatable film is a barrier film which when inflated will not allow air loss to ensure maximum cushioning protection properties during the entire shipping cycle.
What material can be inflated on this unit?
1/4 in height and 1/2 in height inflated bubble. 16 in wide rolls produce 12 in wide inflated material.
What is the voltage required to run this system?
Standard 110 V outlet.

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