Korrvu® Select Wine & Spirits

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Count per display & carton

Single Bottle Shipper (Set of 5)

Part no. 100991193

Single Bottle Shipper Set of 5
Twin Bottle Shipper Set of 5
Triple Bottle Shipper Set of 5

Part no. 100991193



Showcase your brand with attractive packaging that provides maximum protection with minimum materials, while meeting the requirements of the ISTA 3A Transit Test. Korrvu wine boxes are standard, in stock, and readily available for purchase in a range of easy-to-use sizes and styles.


Korrvu Select bottle kits are suitable for wine bottles up to 750 ml.


Single Bottle Shipper: kit includes 5 Korrvu protective display frames and 5 cartons.

Twin Bottle Shipper kit includes 10 Korrvu protective display frames and 5 cartons.

Triple Bottle Shipper kits includes 15 Korrvu protective display frames, 15 lids, and 5 cartons.

Why choose Korrvu Select?

Korrvu packaging combines corrugated board and a proprietary film to protect your product from damage during transit, offering the maximum amount of protection available. Due to the film’s flexibility, each frame can be used for wine bottles of varying size. Korrvu packaging showcases not only the wine bottle but also your brand. When opening the carton, your label will be seen through the transparent film, creating the optimal brand experience.