Instapak Simple® System



Base Unit ( ) 1 Count

Part no. 1001AAB-001

Base Unit 1 Count
Instapak® Simply A 2.5-gallon bottle 1 Count
Instapak® Simply Flex B 2.5-gallon bottle 1 Count
Instapak® Simply Film 16” 16.3” x 18.4” 1 Roll = 450 Bags
Instapak® Simply Film 24" 24.5” x 18.4” 1 Roll = 300 Bags

Part no. 1001AAB-001



Instapak® foam-in-place packaging provides maximum protection using minimal material thus reducing the amount of packaging material entering the waste stream.

Instapak® is ideally suited to balance packaging needs with environmental responsibility.

We’ve established over 25 locations worldwide where used Instapak® foam can be returned.

Returned Instapak® foam is used in a secondary packaging application, or reclaimed as energy.

The Instapak Simple® system requires the purchase of additional components: Instapak® Simply A (1), Instapak® Simply Flex B (1) and Instapak® Simply Film (1).


  • • By the case Instapak Simple® foam-in-bag system is our easy, compact and mobile platform
  • • Pre-set push button operation that is designed to require minimal service
  • • Instapak® Simply A and Simply Flex B is a 2.5-gallon snap into place bottle
  • • Instapak Simple® bags contains 600 linear feet per roll of packaging film and gives you the flexibility to change the percentage fill of any given bag in 1% increments up to 99% fill