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Instapak FoamWrap™ Express

On-Demand Flexible Protection

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The Instapak FoamWrap™ Express foam packaging system creates continuous foam-filled tubes for a variety of packaging applications. The system uses a range of Instapak® high-performance packaging foams that provide superior protection with minimal foam usage.

A compact design, customizable programming and just-in-time accumulation capability makes the Instapak FoamWrap™ Express system a perfect fit for any size packaging operation. The unique ability of the FoamWrap™ Express to make varying sizes of foam-filled packaging tubes makes this solution ideal for a multitude of packaging applications.

FoamWrap material can be used to create pads for layering, wrapping and targeted areas for protection. The FoamWrap™ material can produce protective tubes from 1 in to 5 in in diameter and can be programmed to perforate single tubes.

The FoamWrap™ Express system can be used with an accumulator in a centralized location to service multiple packaging stations. This product has saved thousands of flat screen TVs from damage during shipping.

Reduce Cube Size

With its ability to produce low-profile material, the Instapak FoamWrap™ Express can deliver significant protection while reducing cube size and overall shipping volume.

Reduce Cube Size

Wind it Up

Our optional acumulator/roll winder attachment feeds the Instapak FoamWrap™ material into a cushion bin or winds it into easy-to-use roll for later use or delivery to multiple workstations.

Wind it Up

Create Your Recipe

The system's user-friendly touch-key control panel lets operators program up to 6 packaging "recipe" combinations.

Create Your Recipe