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Instapacker® Tabletop Packaging System

Simplified & Efficient Premium Protection

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The Instapacker® Tabletop foam-in-bag packaging system maximizes packaging productivity, reduces material costs and increases customer satisfaction. With the touch of a button, operators can produce up to 16 foam-filled bags per minute, guided by easy-to-follow graphics on the touch-key control panel.

Ideal for low- to medium-volume applications where more flexibility in packaging material is required, Instapak® foams are available in multiple container sizes (15-gallon, 55-gallon and 275-gallon containers). The tabletop system's small footprint makes this solution ideal for single and multi-pack locations.

Handling, Simplified

The system uses two sizes of peforated film roll with a fixed bag size: 19 in x 16 in or 19 in x 24 in.

Handling, Simplified

Fulfillment Velocity

An easy-to-use touch-key control panel simplifies an operator's learning curve and gets packages out the door faster.

Fulfillment Velocity

Cube Optimization

The perfect amount of protective cushion, every time.

Cube Optimization