CRYOVAC® Brand Barrier Bags


Seal Shape

Width + Length

Wedge (Side Seal) / 5" x 10"

Part no.

Wedge Side Seal5" x 10"
Wedge Side Seal6" x 10"
Wedge Side Seal6.5" x 12"
Curved End Seal4.5" x 10"
Curved End Seal5.5" x 9"
Curved End Seal6" x 8"
Straight End Seal4.5" x 10"
Straight End Seal5" x 8"
Straight End Seal6" x 9"

Part no.



Our CRYOVAC® brand barrier bags protect cheese from oxygen, moisture, and environmental elements to maintain food quality and safety across the supply chain. Engineered to protect against physical, chemical, or microbiological spoilage, these high-performance bags set the industry standard for cheese packaging. 


  • Bags run on a wide variety of heat-sealing vacuum packaging systems (semi and fully automated) 

  • High and very high abuse applications for cheese  
  • High shrink provides excellent product presentation
* Degree of recyclability will vary depending on scope and availability of collection and recycling programs 
** RIC: Stands for Resin Identification Code. For Example: RIC 4 represents PE material