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When your business requires packaging a wide range of SKUs; over packing, cluttered workspaces and inefficient processes can reduce productivity. Solve these problems with a wall-mounted on-demand inflatable system that fits your space (1.5 cubic feet) and budget, streamlines your  process, and creates a consistent package to get your product out the door.

Save up to 50 cu. ft of storage space

One roll of fill air film produces the same amount as 3.5 large bags of peanuts.  Saving valuable space in crowded back rooms and fulfillment operations.

Up to 33.3% material savings

With two inflation levels, customers can customize the bags for each application yielding efficiency with material usage as compared to a competitor’s air pillows. Using an on-demand system helps free up valuable space previously taken up by bulky packaging materials.

Reduce pack time by 50%

An easy-to-install piece of equipment with automatic inflation of air pillows with a simple wave of the hand.

12x more pack per roll

71 bags of Flow film provides the same amount of void fill as (1) 100’ roll of ½” competitive bubble.  Minimizing over packing by reducing the use of excess packaging, saving valuable time and money.