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Fill-Air® Flow

$149.99 List Price $299.99


Base Unit (14" x 8" x 13") / 1 Count

Part no. 1001AAC-001

Base Unit 14" x 8" x 13"1 Count
Film 10" x 8"1 Roll = 500 Bags
Table Mount 35" x 5"1 Count

Part no. 1001AAC-001



Sealed Air’s Fill-Air® Flow is an easy to use on-demand inflatable packaging system that was designed as an alternative solution for void fill packaging materials.

Reduce the time and energy to get products to your customers quickly.

The system is compact and easy to use.

Fill-Air® Flow equipment and film for business use ONLY. **Must purchase equipment to run Flow film. Sealed Air film will NOT run on non Sealed Air equipment.


  • • Reduce costs: 1 roll of Fill-Air Flow = 3½ large bags of foam packing peanuts
  • • Space savings: Choose wall mount or optional tabletop clamp mount stand
  • • Easy to use: Swipe hand over sensor repeatedly for amount of bags needed or adjust tether for auto replenishment
  • • Bag inflation: Low (20 bags per minute) and high (11 bags per minute)

How do I use this Packaging Solution?

Fill-Air Flow is a void fill packaging system.  Air pillows can be created on demand with two different inflation options, which allows for compatibility with different box sizes.  Air pillows, once inflated, can be inserted into the box and around your product to provide void fill protection.


Can this bag be recycled?
Yes, the bags can be deflated or popped and recycled thru standard retail stores that accept plastic bags for recycling.
What is the film structure and bag size the unit inflates?
The LDPE film inflates to an 10 inch x 8nch bag for void fill packaging applications. The operator can select on the machine to fully inflate or 1/2 inflate bags at their discretion. The fully inflated bags can be deflated and reused by end use customers using a standard straw.
What voltage is required for the Fill-Air® Flow unit?
The unit runs off of any standard 110 V receptacle and is compatible with any universal standard country voltage current requirement. The unit comes with Universal adapter plugs specific to country receptacles.

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