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PackOS™ by Sealed Air

Starting at $50.00$50/month for recipes
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PackOS™, a cloud-based platform, optimizes Sealed Air's packaging materials and equipment to help customers get packages out the door. The system seamlessly integrates with your current operations not to disrupt day to day activities. PackOS(trademark) leads to decrease operating costs all while increasing productivity. Application runs on an internet connected device i.e. computer, tablet or mobile phone

Recipe Module

How-to-Pack Recipes are step-by-step instructions that utilize images and videos to visually walk a packer through precise packaging techniques for any product. The PackOS™ Recipe module is designed to ensure pack consistency when implementing new pack designs and training packers.

Recipe Module

Enhanced Equipment Support

Remotely monitors usage and analyzes performance of your compatible Sealed Air packaging equipment, allowing Sealed Air to provide faster, more efficient service, while maximizing your uptime and operational continuity.

Enhanced Equipment Support

Design for Delivery Module

PackOS provides tools that can quickly identify the most appropriate packaging materials and optimized pack designs. By capturing operational insights, PackOS can help identify areas for improvement and increase efficiencies in the implementation of your packaging designs.

Design for Delivery Module


Why would I want to implement PackOS recipes?
PackOS recipes eliminate the guesswork, ensuring that your products are packed the same way everytime, regardless of the packers experience. Improved packer consistency provides cost savings due to less pack material waste from over packing and less product damage due to under packing.
How do I get packaging recipes for my products?
Sealed Air customers utilizing the PackOS system, also have the ability to create their own Packaging recipes for no charge. Otherwise, for a small fee, Sealed Air can create recipes for your products.
What hardware do I need to run PackOS?
PackOS can run on any internet connected device, though a touch screen display is most ideal. A barcode scanner can also be utilized with PackOS to help easily retrieve each SKU's packaging recipe.