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Instapak Simple® System



Instapak Simply A (2.5-Gallon bottle) 1 Count

Part no. 100818901

Base Unit 34 in x 15 in x 27.5 in 1 Count
Instapak Simply A 2.5-Gallon bottle 1 Count
Instapak Simply Flex B 2.5-Gallon bottle 1 Count
Instapak Simply Film 16" 16.3 in x 18.4 in 1 Roll = 450 Bags
Instapak Simply Film 24" 24.5 in x 18.4 in 1 Roll = 300 Bags

Part no. 100818901



Instapak foam-in-place packaging provides maximum protection using minimal material, which reduces the amount of packaging material that enters the waste stream.

Instapak is ideally suited to balance packaging needs with environmental responsibility.

We’ve established more than 25 locations worldwide where used Instapak foam can be returned.

Returned Instapak foam is used in a secondary packaging application or reclaimed as energy.

The Instapak Simple® system requires the purchase of additional components: Instapak Simply A (1), Instapak Simply Flex B (1) and Instapak Simply Film (1).


  • • Instapak Simple® foam-in-bag system is our easy, compact and mobile platform
  • • Pre-set push button operation, designed to require minimal service
  • • Instapak Simply A and Simply Flex B is a 2.5-gallon snap-into-place bottle
  • • Instapak Simple® bags contain 600 linear feet per roll of packaging film and give you the flexibility to change the percentage fill of any given bag in 1% increments up to 99% fill


How do I install the Instpak Simple System?
Find how to guides, safety data sheets, material handle info and packaging techniques for the Instpak Simple System in our resources section here
What space is required?
27.5 in x 15 in equipment foot print and 36 in x 54 in work area
What is the typical throughput speed?
3 to 4 bags per minute
What is the voltage required to run this system?
15 AMP, standard 110-V outlet
Where can I find the Safety Data Sheets for components A and B?

Download SDS Instapak Component A here > and SDS Component B here >


What are recommendations for the safe use and handling of Instapak foam-in-place chemicals?
Please find supplement Material Safety Data Sheets for safe operation and proper use of Instapak foam-in-place chemicals here >