3 Ways to Save More with Sealed Air and UPS

3 Ways to Save More with Sealed Air and UPS

Sealed Air joined forces with UPS to help retailers, fulfillment centers, small businesses, and manufacturers create the most effective — and efficient — packaging and fulfillment processes. We’re committed to delivering quality packaging solutions that help accelerate growth.  

UPS Customer Technology Program

As a preferred packaging partner, UPS trusts Sealed Air to support its Customer Technology Program (CTP) customers. Leverage that trust to help accelerate the growth of your business: Shop a selection of best-in-class packaging solutions from SEALED AIR® brand and BUBBLE WRAP® brand — at discounted prices, with possible stipends and little to no up-front costs.

Our products can help speed up and eliminate waste in your packing processes, even within a small footprint, to streamline your shipping efforts while saving money on the packing products you already use every day.  

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UPS Packaging Innovation Center

If your fulfillment operation is having a hard time keeping pace with orders, automation is key. To give customers an up-close look at what automated packaging systems can do, UPS turned to Sealed Air to help launch its Packaging Innovation Center on the UPS Supply Chain Solutions campus in Louisville, KY. Book an appointment to test out the equipment in person and learn about additional services we offer that can model the future state of your fulfillment center using your own data.  

Our packaging experts can help you every step of the way, from planning and optimization to predictive analysis to handling unexpected peaks with ease. 

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Packaging Application Centers

The original manufacturer of protective packaging, Sealed Air has a long history of revolutionizing shipping, logistics, and e-commerce. We put that experience to work for our customers every day, completing more than 12,000 design and certification projects each year. Our ISTA-certified testing facilities are fully equipped to perform a wide range of industry standard tests using simulated and real-world conditions. And we are part of the Amazon Packaging Supplier and Support (APASS) network. 

Whether your fulfillment center includes automated equipment or you drop-ship from the back of your store, our Packaging Application Centers can design the perfect packs for you — maximizing affordability and reducing freight costs while reducing product damage during transit. 

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