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Success with Instapak Simple<sup>®</sup> System

Welcome to Getting Started with Instapak Simple System!

The Instapak Simple training program is designed to guide you through successful set up your system, review safety guidelines, and learn our best practices for packing with Instapak.


 How-To Install: Instapak Simple Manual

This video contains everything you need to know to install your Instapak Simple system. You can read our manual, which outlines the initial setup, loading the Instapak® component "A" and component "B" , and packaging suggestions. This guide also contains information on Instapak error codes and troubleshooting.

Download Manual

Need more help? Our Technical Product Specialists can visit to help with your install. Contact us today!

 Safety Data Sheets / Instapak Safe Use and Handling Guide

The Instapak Safety Data Sheet (SDS) lists safety and regulatory information such as what to do if Instapak component A and B comes into contact with your skin. Find the Instapak component A and B safety data sheet below.

Download A & B SDS


Follow all safety handling instructions to ensure a successful inflatable packaging foam process. Goggles or safety glasses with side shields should be worn at all times when working with any of the Instapak chemicals.

Download Safe Use

How to pack using Instapak for cushioning, void-fill, blocking and bracing


Follow the pack sequence to use Instapak for cushioning. Foam-filled bags are placed below and above an item in the shipping carton.

how to pack with instapak foam in bag cushioning void
  1. Dispense an Instapak foam-filled bag and place it into the shipping carton.
  2. Place and continue to support the item in the foam-filled bag. Allow the foam to expand around the item to create the bottom cushion.
  3. Dispense foam-filled bags and place on top of the item as required.

Note: It is not necessary to fill the complete void.

  1. Close the top of the shipping carton and allow the second foam-filled bag to expand and fill the upper carton space.



Follow the pack sequence to use Instapak for void-fill. A foam-filled bag(s) is placed in a shipping carton to prevent movement of items.

Note: Instapak foam also provides light-duty cushioning in most void fill applications.

packaging with void fill

  1. Place items in the shipping carton.
  2. Group the items in the shipping carton to create one continuous void.
  3. Dispense an Instapak foam-filled bag and place it into the void in the shipping carton.
  4. Close and seal the top of the shipping carton. The foam-filled bag will expand in the bag and fill the void inside the carton.

Note: Depending on the void size, this can require multiple foam-filled bags.

Blocking and Bracing

Follow the pack sequence to use Instapak for block and bracing. Instapak foam is used to secure heavy products, such as a motor, from moving or shifting within the shipping carton using one or more corner cushions.

blocking and bracing with foam packaging

  1. Push the item to be packed in the center of the carton.
  2. Place Instapak foam-filled bags into both lower corners of the carton.
  3. Place Instapak foam-filled bags into both upper corners of the carton.
  4. Close the top of the carton and allow the upper foam-filled bags to expand and lock the item in place.

Watch the video below to learn more about how to pack using Instapak.

The Instapak Simple mixes component "A" and component "B" into bags, which expand and can be used as cushioning, void fill, or molded into engineered shapes.

Instapak Recycling: Foam Return Program

Instapak foam cushions can be returned to Sealed Air locations throughout the globe. All returned foam is diverted from the landfill and efficiently transported to local waste-to-energy facilities. Read more on our Instapak foam return program here.

 Reorder Online

buy instapak simple consumables onlineSealed Air makes it easy to reorder Instapak component "A" , component "B" and consumable film. Follow the link to order your Instapak product and checkout.

Instapak Accessories and Products

Sealed Air's broad portfolio of Instapak products are designed to solve a variety of fulfillment challenges. Learn more about our other Instapak machines, such as the Instapak SpeedyPacker Insight, or the accessories we offer, such as stands and work benches. Instapak Quick RT is our stand-alone product that requires no machine to operate.

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